Analytics Dashboard

billie utilizes your best sensors, your employees, to gather real time company data. The analytic dashboard provides you with real-time office feedback you won't find anywhere else. The data from all three modules provide a detailed view of your employee satisfaction, their work preferences, and the utilization of your corporate portfolio. You can actively use this information for CSR reporting, space utilization and planning, and employee engagement.

Space Utilization

The analytics dashboard provides next-level information on how your corporate real estate is being utilized by your users. You can see occupancy details of each space, such as repeatedly booked spaces and peak hours. This in-depth information allows you to look at the utilization in real-time down to a specific area to make decisions based on design, growth or consolation. billie’s analytics shows new details on how to understand and maximize your real estate.

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Real-Time Information on Employee Experience

billie utilizes your most significant source of information, your employees. By modernizing your workplace and providing your employees with the tool they need to give honest feedback and suggestions, their productivity and satisfaction increases once visual and tangible changes happen in the workplace. Identifying a pattern of concerns based on the number of submissions per floor, and per specific space, can help create a positive or lead to a negative employee experience.

En - billie engagement report

Reporting Made Easy

With billie’s dashboard, you have access to real-time information that can simplify the process of creating your Corporate Sustainability Report. The end-of-year report provided by billie gives access to valuable information such as company overview, stats on company initiatives that encouraged the most change, data on your company’s sustainability efforts, and the overall employee satisfaction and engagement rate.

Contact Tracing

billie is an efficient tool to provide rapid contact tracing information vital for you and your employee’s health and safety. By searching by employee names, the dashboard can quickly populate the last two weeks of bookings, all contaminated spaces, an option to cancel all future bookings and a list of exposed employees per building and per floor. The dashboard offers a built-in option to contact the list of exposed employees with a customized message. In a matter of minutes, the dashboard will allow you to contact your cleaning service, close off any contaminated spaces and contact anyone who may have been exposed to the ill employee. Equip your organization with a tool that efficiently keeps your employees’ health and safety at the forefront.

GoSpaces Mobile | Contact Tracing | Analytics Dashboard

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When paired all together, billie is the tool of choice to modernize your workplace.