Locate Space

Modernize your office and improve utilization with GoSpaces technology in our Locate Space module. Allow your employees to book space best suited for their workday from their mobile devices. Understand your real estate assets with in-depth analytics on how spaces are being used.

Digitally Rendered Floor Maps

We convert office floor plans into digitally rendered 3D textured images to provide a true representation of your office. By using Locate Space users can view the available amenities per floor and have an accurate view of the office layout allowing for a comfortable experience when they are visiting the office.

Valuable Information Shown:

A digital rendering of your office floor plan.
Images of all bookable spaces.
Amenities of all buildings, floors and spaces.
Easily located spaces.
Availability of each bookable space.
GoSpaces Mobile | Digitally Rendered Floor Maps | Locate Space
GoSpaces Mobile | Integration and Room Mapping | Locate Space

Integration and Room Mapping

billie can be used as a stand alone reservation system or integrate with your existing calendar system to ensure no meeting is ever missed and no space is double booked. Once integrated, all bookings made in billie will show up in your calendar and users will receive notifications and reminders of upcoming meetings.

Control Bookable Spaces

Utilize the space scheduler to manage how and when your spaces can be booked by your users. Control the availability of bookings in your office by closing off specific sections and areas. Allow only one booking per space each day to ensure adequate sanitization before it becomes available again and ensure social distancing guidelines are being followed.

GoSpaces Mobile | Control Bookable Spaces | Locate Space

Pair this with My Workplace.

When you use both Locate Space and My Workplace you will gain a bigger insight into your employee satisfaction rate and your space utilization.