Maximize Employee Satisfaction With My Workplace

My Workplace is a modernized and streamlined service request ticketing system that empowers and harnesses your most important assets: your employees. It establishes an open communication channel between employees and their workplace so that they can help you adapt and improve your office for the future of work.

By giving your employees a voice, you’ll be able to get insights that reflect how they truly feel about where they work, because after all, they are your most accurate sensors. With this information, you’ll be able to enact change so that you can create the ideal hybrid workplace while maximizing employee satisfaction.

Service Request Ticketing System |

Stand-Alone or Integrated Service Request Solution

My Workplace simplifies and streamlines the process of submitting service requests by empowering your employees with the ability to create, review, and submit work-related service requests from the palm of their hands. Creating a service ticket has never been easier – users pick a service category, create their ticket, attach any optional images or descriptions, rank their ticket, and then submit it.

My Workplace streamlines this process by allowing you to use our service request ticketing system as either a standalone solution or one that integrates into any existing facility management system. In either case, users can track the progress of their service tickets while facility managers receive real-time information on new submissions.

Rank & Prioritize Requests

My Workplace gives your employees the ability to submit and simultaneously rank their requests based on their concern and perceived level of importance. This provides the facility management team with a prioritized list of concerns they can then use to improve your workplace to maximize employee satisfaction. Facility managers can easily access and view a dashboard that showcases what employees deem the most urgent and essential so that they can enact changes to maintain and improve your hybrid workplace.

Service Request Ticketing System |
Service Request Ticketing System |

Submitting Service Requests Is Easy As 1,2,3…

Empower your employees to voice how they feel about their workplace with My Workplace’s service request tickets. Submitting service requests is a seamless experience — employees are given the ability to quickly create, rank, and submit service requests so that they can spend more time on what matters the most.

To submit a service request ticket through My Workplace, all you have to do is:

  1. Select your service request category
  2. Select your location and floor
  3. Rank & describe your issue
  4. Add an optional image
  5. Submit and track it

Voila! It’s that easy — we’ve designed My Workplace with the user experience at the forefront. We want your employees to spend less time figuring out how to submit a ticket and more time focusing on what matters the most.

Put Your Employees Health & Safety First With My Workplace

As you chart your path into the future,  you need to prioritize your employees’ health and safety as they adjust to a hybrid workplace. With My Workplace, we not only give you the means to empower your employees, but we also give them a voice to express their concerns over their health and safety concerns in the workplace.  If you have a response plan in place, My Workplace is an ideal fit — it provides your employees with a platform to submit service request tickets that are specifically related to health and safety concerns. To ensure full transparency, employees can easily track their service ticket requests and administrators can easily view the most important requests at the touch of a button. 
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