My Workplace

Empower your employees to provide suggestions using open communication channels through My Workplace. Allowing your employees to be heard will ensure that you are getting a true understanding on how your employees feel about the space they occupy.

GoSpaces Mobile | Stand-Alone or Integrated | My Workplace

Stand-Alone or Integrated

My Workplace will enable users to submit requests and the dashboard provides administrators the interface to manage the requests. Users can follow the progress of their requests and the facility managers receive real-time information on the new submissions. billie can be used as a stand-alone tool or can be integrated with any existing facility management system.

Prioritizing System

My Workplace offers a prioritizing system for each submission request that allows users to rate their concern based on their perceived level of importance. This creates a prioritized list of concerns for the facility management team. Their dashboard will showcase what employees deem as the most important issue in your building, which in turn helps ensure employee satisfaction is at the forefront.

GoSpaces Mobile | Prioritizing System | My Workplace
GoSpaces Mobile | Detailed Submission | My Workplace

Detailed Submissions

Users are given the ability to provide full details for their requests by attaching evidence such as a picture. Submitting requests can happen throughout the workday with minimal impact on the employee’s time. Allow your employees to easily tell you what they deem most important during their time in the office with direct and detailed communication with My Workplace.

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Get your employees engaged and create a safe place to provide honest feedback.