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Put your most important assets, your people, at the forefront by engaging with gamified company initiatives. Keep your employees connected by completing challenges and getting awarded. billie advocates 'co-opetition' by encouraging colleagues to complete friendly challenges with a common goal.

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Your Tool for Change Management

Create customized challenges that focus on your internal initiatives and nudge user behaviour. Challenges can be built based for your company policies, goals and change management objectives. Receive a more enthused approach to change from your employees by explaining the why and provide a fun engaging way for them to opt-in.

Group Challenges

Gamify your company initiatives with group challenges and get everyone involved! Employees can invite their coworkers to a challenge, just as managers can challenge their team members. Flatten the org and challenge cross departments and get the game started!

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Included with every challenge is the formula with all data sources used to calculate the sustainability contributions. billie uses Government values for its calculations and can customize based on the specific values for your organization.

Sustainability Reporting

The sustainability contributions from your users are collected in the Analytics Dashboard and can be exported in the format of an annual sustainability report. billie has partnered with Tree Canada and the affiliated U.S. partner to work towards your company carbon offset goals. Once an employee has completed enough challenges that offsets the same amount of C02 that a tree sequesters in a year, billie plants a tree in their name. Surpass your corporate environmental initiative goals with the help of billie.

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Package this all together.

Take a look at our analytics dashboard for the ultimate tool that provides all the data for your corporate real estate portfolio.