My Contributions Is Your Complete ESG Software Solution

Create positive and lasting change by gamifying your environmental, social, and governance goals and initiatives with My Contributions. My Contributions is an all-in-one employee engagement and ESG software that leverages your most important assets, your people, to make a real and lasting difference through gamified challenges. Motivate change and boost employee engagement by setting fun challenges and encouraging some friendly competition using billie and My Contributions.

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ESG Software Solution
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Create customized challenges that span your environmental, social, and governance initiatives and nudge user behaviour in the right direction. Using My Contributions is like playing a fun mobile game. For example, your employees can choose an ESG challenge, complete it, and earn points for their efforts. These points tie into your ESG initiatives, which translates to actual quantifiable results.

Increase Employee Engagement With Group Challenges

Gamify your company initiatives with group challenges and get everyone involved! Employees can invite their coworkers to a challenge, while managers can challenge their team members to get them closer to your ESG goals. Use group challenges to encourage your employees to collectively achieve your organization’s goals and initiatives and experience higher levels of employee engagement across all teams and departments.

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How My Contributions Calculates Your Achievements

Every challenge includes a formula and data sources used to calculate the overall impact of your ESG contributions. In addition to this, billie uses government values for its calculations. Furthermore, these can be customized based on specific values allotted to individual ESG initiatives.

Sustainability Reporting


Sustainability contributions from your users are readily available in billie’s Analytics Dashboard. This information is also exportable as an annual sustainability report. For instance, you’ll be able to see detailed analytics of your ESG achievements, which can significantly improve your sustainability reporting. billie has also partnered with Tree Canada and its U.S. affiliated partner to plant a tree once your employees hit an important milestone. For example, if an employee has offset enough CO2 equivalent to what tree sequesters in a year through completed challenges, we’ll plant a tree in their name!

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Package this all together.

Take a look at our analytics dashboard for the ultimate tool that provides all the data for your corporate real estate portfolio.