Locate Space, Your One-Stop Hot Desk Booking App

Modernizing and streamlining your hybrid office by is easy with Locate Space. Locate space is an intuitive and easy-to-use desk reservation and space scheduling solution that is designed to give your employees the flexibility they deserve as you prepare for the future of work. Using our GoSpaces technology, our hot desk booking app Locate Space gives your employees the ability to locate, manage, and book workspaces anywhere and anytime. Its intuitive and easy to use interface makes hot-desking and desk reservations easy as 1,2,3. Maximize your office space, keep your employees happy, and prepare for the future of work with Locate Space.

Digitally Rendered Floor Maps

We empower you with the ability to locate, book, and schedule workspaces using a fully customizable and digitally rendered 3D floor plan. We do all of the heavy-lifting so that you and your employees can focus on what matters the most. You’ll have a true representation of all of your bookable workspaces and amenities across all of your office locations. Locate Space is easy to navigate and very user-friendly. This means your employees will be able to easily identify amenities and bookable spaces with a simple touch of the screen.

We make hot desking easy by giving you all of the important information right at your fingertips. This includes:

A 3D digital rendering of your office floor plan.
Images and Icons of bookable spaces.
Amenities of all buildings, floors, and spaces.
Easy and intuitive navigation to help you locate, reserve, and schedule spaces.
Availability of each bookable space.
Space Scheduling, Office Room Booking, Hot Desking, Desk Reservation App
Space Scheduling, Office Room Booking, Hot Desking, Desk Reservation App

Integration & Room Mapping

You can use the app as either a standalone or as one that seamlessly integrates with your existing system. As a result, you won’t ever miss a meeting or encounter double-booked spaces with Locate Space. With Locate Space integrated, all bookings made in billie will show up in your calendar. You’ll also receive notifications and reminders of upcoming bookings.

Control Bookable Office Spaces With Our Hot Desk Booking App

billie’s Space Scheduler can help you manage how and when users can book workspaces. With this feature, you can successfully facilitate a hybrid workplace. Use the space scheduler to control the availability of bookings in your office by closing off specific sections and areas. By taking full advantage of our space scheduler feature, you’ll be able to maximize employee productivity, satisfaction, and safety.

You’ll also be able to allow only one booking per space each day to ensure that each workspace is adequately sanitized in accordance with your health and safety guidelines. You’ll also be able implement social distancing rules so that bookable spaces are 6-feet or more apart. Locate Space gives you the power to take control of your office real estate.

Space Scheduling, Office Room Booking, Hot Desking, Desk Reservation App

Transform Your Hybrid Office With Neighbourhoods & Locate Space

With Neighbourhoods, we’ve revamped Locate Space so that you can organize and streamline your hybrid office using office neighbourhoods. Neighbourhoods can help you organize your workspace by giving you the ability to create distinct and identifiable office neighbourhoods for different departments, teams, projects, and more. Each office neighbourhood has a unique pin on your 3D floor plan, which makes it easy to locate and book your workspaces.

Now you’ll be able to easily book and schedule department, team, and other group spaces with Neighbourhoods. Need to create a cluster of desks specifically for quiet heads-down productivity? Does your team need a workspace specifically for collaboration? billie’s Neighbourhoods update gives you the tools to shape your hybrid office so that you can improve your organization’s productivity, collaboration, and culture.

Keeping Your Employees Safe With Locate Space

1. Socially Distanced Workspaces

With Locate Space, you’ll be able to ensure your employees safety by allowing them to locate, book, and schedule spaces that adhere to social distancing guidelines. We’ve made hot desking safe and simple by giving you the choice to create an adaptable and accommodating hybrid workplace that allows for social distancing and sanitization measures. De-densify your workspace and keep your employees safe with Locate Space.


2. Entrance Screening & Contact Tracing

In addition to giving you the ability to create a socially distanced hybrid workplace, billie has an optional health and safety questionnaire that lets you screen employees and visitors prior to them accessing reserved workspaces on the calendar day of their reservation. This touchless questionnaire is fully customizable, easy to use, and has a notification system that alerts admins when entrance screening questionnaires have either failed or have not been submitted 15-minutes prior to the reservation time.

Add another layer of protection for your employees with our built-in contact tracing feature. Use our billie analytics dashboard to search current and past bookings for each user to find out where and when they have worked as well as who they may have come into contact with. Our contact tracing feature has been designed to let you quickly and easily access information that will let you protect the health and safety of your employees.

Space Scheduling, Office Room Booking, Hot Desking, Desk Reservation App
Space Scheduling, Office Room Booking, Hot Desking, Desk Reservation App

3. Sanitization Indicators And Specialized Health & Safety Icons

When you’re looking to reserve a desk or office space, you’ll be able to find sanitization indicators and other specialized health and safety icons on your 3D floor plan. Sanitization icons allow you to easily schedule spaces so that they’re properly sanitized and safe. You’ll also be able to see the location of cleaning supplies in your vicinity and any new measures that are expected of employees entering the office. We’ve also included a batch of specialized health and safety icons that will help you keep your employees safe in a hybrid work environment. These icons will allow users to easily identify:
office room booking - information icon
Information Desk Icons

Available information on your COVID-19 safety plan.

office room booking - sanitization station
Sanitization Station Icons

Items for employees to clean their workstations.

office room booking - temperature check icon
Temperature Check Icons

Employee temperature check point.

office room booking - closed area icon
Closed Area Icons

This space does not cohere with the 6-foot social distancing rule.

Pair this with My Workplace.

When you use both Locate Space and My Workplace you will gain a bigger insight into your employee satisfaction rate and your space utilization.