Your Complete Hybrid Work Solution For A Safe Return

billie’s here to help you return to a safe and flexible office with our complete and
easy-to-use hybrid work solution. Digitize your office, create flexible workspaces, and organize and re-energize your hybrid teams with billie. Start streamlining hybrid work today!

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Digitize Your Floorplan & Create Flexible Hot Desks With Locate Space

Your employees want flexibility as they return to the office. With Locate Space, we’ll completely digitize your office floorplans so that your hybrid teams can easily find, book, or schedule workspaces regardless of where they’re working from. Using our easy-to-use space scheduler, create a rotating floorplan that makes hybrid work safe and seamless. 

Need to create recurring bookings for meeting rooms and other workspaces? With our user-friendly hybrid work solutions, creating a flexible hybrid workplace is a breeze. Users can easily create and manage recurring bookings for their desired workspace in a few simple clicks! Locate Space also help you keep your employees safe as they transition with socially distanced workspaces, entrance screening, contact tracing, and specialized icons for your floorplan.

Streamline Your Hybrid Teams
With Neighbourhoods & Teams!

Hybrid Teams don’t have to be tricky to manage and organize. With billie and Locate Space, we make creating, managing, and organizing workspaces for your hybrid teams as easy as 1,2,3! With Neighbourhoods and Teams, you’ll be able to create activity-based work zones or neighbourhoods throughout your hybrid office to streamline collaboration and productivity within your workplace. Assign unique pins for your Neighbourhood to make collective workspaces easy to find and identify.

Take Teamwork To The Next Level With Our Hybrid Work Solution

With Teams, we add another layer of organization to help you better manage your hybrid teams. Teams gives organizations the ability to assign their hybrid teams to designated spaces that can be fully customized with unique pins, images, and scheduling options. We’ve designed this hybrid work solution to help streamline and  improve you collaborate within a hybrid workplace.

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Motivate & Energize Your Hybrid Teams With My Contributions

As you transition to a hybrid office, don’t let your ESG goals
take a backseat. With My Contributions, motivating your
employees to work towards achieving your organization’s
environmental, social, and governance goals is fun and
exciting with our robust gamified platform. With our
custom challenges spanning people, planet, and profit
initiatives, employees can compete against their peers to
earn points that lead to real and impactful change.

It doesn’t matter if they’re in the office or working remotely,
My Contributions lets your employees participate towards
your ESG goals and earn points towards custom prizes!
If they’ve accumulated enough points equivalent to CO2
sequestered by a tree, we’ll even plant one in their name!