Meet billie.

billie™ is a transformational workplace platform that utilizes your best sensors, your people. billie was designed to provide employees with effective communication channels and productivity tools which sources valuable data to help drive important decisions regarding corporate real estate portfolios.

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Allow your workplace to flourish when you give your team members a platform to be heard. billie offers three modules that efficiently work together to transform your workplace.

Locate Space

Locate Space allows companies to maximize the potential of their real estate assets (space) by providing users the ultimate viewing and booking experience. billie can integrate with third party calendar systems and users can search buildings by proximity, view floors with amenities and space availability. Floor plans within billie are digitally rendered to provide employees the most comfortable experience for when they visit the office.

My Workplace

In My Workplace, users are empowered to provide feedback and recommendations on what they deem most important to improve their workplace. billie creates a list of service requests which can be prioritized to improve employee satisfaction ratings. My Workplace can be stand alone, or be two-way integrated into your office management system.

My Contributions

My Contributions engages employees by recognizing their efforts towards corporate sustainability and the triple bottom line. Using gamification billie turns internal initiatives into customized corporate challenges that can motivate change. Get your employees engaged and create a sense of friendly competition towards a common goal to increase team collaboration.

Billie Analytics Dashboard

Value of billie’s Analytics

billie’s analytic dashboard can be used to proactively manage your employee engagement, workplace feedback and effectively understand and manage your real estate portfolio.

Manage Workplace Requests
CSR Reporting
Real-Time Analytics
Track Employee Engagement