billie’s Partners in Corporate Real Estate

billie’s partners in corporate real estate are trusted advisors and experts that have joined our company on its journey as it grows into a leading provider of digital workplace solutions. Our partnerships are integral in helping billie find organizations that need a robust and user-friendly digital workplace solution for hybrid offices around the world. We’ve partnered with world-class organizations such as Cresa and Deloitte, who have helped sell and provide services for billie. These partnerships are forged with a mutual desire to improve workplace experiences around the globe with our innovative tech. They understand the value in using a tool such as billie to help organizations maximize the potential of their commercial real estate portfolio and continue to provide exceptional leadership with their expertise.

Current Partners

“The billie mobile app provides our clients with an effective solution to engage with their employees, increase productivity and drive efficiencies. At the same time, the app allows for data collection, which is key in today’s environment, where space utilization is driving decision-making. As hybrid work scenarios become the norm, billie provides outstanding value in managing workplace resources and promoting the efficient use of space by organizations.” – Tom Birnbach, President, Cresa – Cresa Selects billie as Mobile Partner for Return to Office and Remote Work Solutions


“Commercial real estate as we know it is changing. Thriving in the post-COVID world requires the understanding of new expectations for physical, emotional, financial, and digital safety. This understanding is critical for leaders as they seek to restore confidence and chart a new path forward,” – Debbie Baxter, Partner, Real Estate Advisory, Deloitte. – billie and Deloitte announce alliance.

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Why partner with billie?

Benefit from one of our partnerships to bring the best in gamified sustainability to your clients.

Introducing gamification into your client’s workplace is a fun way to encourage a nudge in behaviour to help reach their goals! Finally your clients can measure the results of their programs!