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billie™ is a transformative digital workplace software that utilizes your best sensors, your people, to help you streamline and simplify your hybrid office. Book desks and workspaces, submit workplace service requests and achieve your ESG goals with billie. Kickstart your hybrid workplace transformation today!

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Maximize employee productivity, satisfaction, and motivation through billie’s easy-to-use digital workplace software. billie offers three modules that let you book workspaces, submit employee feedback, and motivate your employees to achieve your ESG goals.

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Locate Space - Digital Workplace Software for
Desk & Office Space Booking

Create a flexible and hybrid workplace with billie’s Locate Space module. Book and schedule desks and workspaces with Locate Space’s unique and user-friendly interface. Locate Space allows you to create the ideal hybrid office to keep your employees engaged and productive when they’re in the office. 

Booking or scheduling a workspace is an easy and fluid experience, with fully customized floor plans that list all available office space, desks, meeting rooms and amenities. billie can also integrate with third-party calendar systems such as Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar and more. In addition to this, billie’s entrance screening questionnaire and social distancing measures make it the ideal digital workplace software for a safe hybrid office. Click to learn more about Locate Space!

My Workplace - Submit Workplace Service Requests

With My Workplace, your employees can help you create the ideal hybrid office through their feedback. Maximize employee satisfaction and morale by giving your employees the tools they need to easily submit workplace service tickets. 

Creating a service request is as easy as 1,2,3. For example, users can simply pick a service category, quickly fill out and prioritize their request, and submit their ticket. Furthermore, My Workplace is a flexible digital workplace software that can be used as either a standalone or two-way integrated solution with existing facility management systems.

Work Order Software - Service Ticket Categories
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My Contributions - Gamify & Achieve Your ESG Goals

My Contributions is an ESG solution that gamifies your environmental, social, and governance goals so that you can motivate change across your organization. It engages employees with unique challenges while recognizing their efforts towards corporate sustainability and the triple bottom line. 

Using gamification, billie turns internal ESG initiatives into customized challenges that your employees can individually and collectively participate in. Achieve your ESG goals, encourage collaboration, and create lasting change using My Contributions.

Digital Workplace Solutions - Billie Analytics Dashboard

Value of billie’s Analytics

billie’s analytic dashboard can be used to proactively manage your employee engagement, workplace feedback and effectively understand and manage your real estate portfolio.

Manage Workplace Requests
CSR Reporting
Real-Time Analytics
Track Employee Engagement