redesigning your office space

5 Ways to Rework Your Workspace Using Urban Planning Principles

5 Ways to Rework Your Workspace Using Urban Planning Principles Since the inception of the modern office space in the…

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Corporate Real Estate Post Covid-19

How CRE Can Optimize Their Portfolio Post Covid

Many are concerned as to what will happen in a post COVID-19 world for corporate real estate. Corporate office managers…

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what employees are thinking about when returning to the office

4 Things Your Employees are Thinking About When Returning to Work

We are currently living in a new era that has brought many changes and shifts to the economy as well…

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best way to collect employee feedback

Why Employee Feedback is so Important and The Best way to Collect it

How often do you receive feedback from your manager at work? And how often would you like to receive feedback?…

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3 30 300 Rule


As a Facility Manager you know that offices cost a lot of money to run and that executives are always…

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trends in change management

Top Four Trends in Change Management

Change Management in Good Times and Bad It’s a harsh rule, but one that’s hard to argue with: organizations change…

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