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February 19, 2022

4 Tips To Staying Active In A Hybrid Workplace

4 Tips To Staying Active In A Hybrid WorkplaceIs staying active in a hybrid workplace too hard or worth it…

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best way to collect employee feedback
February 12, 2020

Why Employee Feedback is so Important and The Best way to Collect it

How often do you receive feedback from your manager at work? And how often would you like to receive feedback?…

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trends in change management
October 18, 2019

Top Four Trends in Change Management

Change Management in Good Times and Bad It’s a harsh rule, but one that’s hard to argue with: organizations change…

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amazing corporate wellness programs
August 26, 2019

4 Amazing Corporate Wellness Programs You’ll Wish You Had

What’s the best employee wellness program you’ve ever benefited from? If it was just a rusty old exercise bike in…

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gamification in the workplace
August 8, 2019

Gamification Is Serious Business

Ever sit down to play a video game, and promise yourself, “I’ll just finish this one thing, then I’m going…

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how companies are increasing employee engagement
July 23, 2019

Ways to increase workplace engagement

A few years ago, the percentage of engaged employees within the United States and Canada had stayed stagnant, hovering in…

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Zero Waste Office
July 19, 2019

9 Steps Towards a Zero Waste Office

The zero waste movement has made a significant appearance in pop culture lately with Canada planning to ban single-use plastic…

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top 10 ways to have the most sustainable year
January 17, 2019

10 ways to have the most sustainable year yet

January is a time for reflection and intention, and as I sit down to figure out my New Year’s resolutions,…

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billie partners with tree canada
December 19, 2018

billie Partners with Tree Canada

[Ottawa, Ontario, December 19, 2018] – billie is proud to partner with Tree Canada as part of our commitment to…

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